Tuesday, May 03, 2016


HIV Prevention [for some] just got easier.

I am on the Uptown D...heading for my nightly Green...Juice!!!  As I step onto the train...I see 8 posters Up Top...and 4 at Eye Level all proporting in PINK to be able to Prevent HIV.  [I'd just filmed this SAME THING on the DOWNTOWN A] The only problem is...of the 12 individuals captured in the ad, only 1 was a POC [Person of Color]...and while she was darker skinned, SHE was still racially ambiguous. There is an even split of men to women - at least 2 Hispanics and possibly an Asian; but the campaign is geared mostly towards young white males and females.  There was a disturbingly beige to pale market appeal...little to no color. I get it...They are just dealing with those that can be helped.  Young African American Males have seen the largest increase in HIV transmission rates, despite drops by every other classifiable group
Take the path of the least resistance...huh?!

I have seen the proverbial wool pulled back from the ADULT GAMES being exacted on US as a whole. The systemic conditions that are very present HOLDING MEN of African/American decent at bay used to be finessed. However, THE GLOVES have come off. They will shoot us dead and negate us from a PUBLIC HEALTH Concern. The HEROIN Issue is being handled with just a bit more finesse, but not much. These are trains riding not simply through the UWS, Chelsea, SOHO, LES, and into BedStuy, these trains also ride into The Bronx; deep into Brooklyn and all over the many hued corners of NYC. This ad let's Men of Color know there are no options. Taken to the extreme - it is only a matter of time.


I was determined to get out of this city before I Hated it! That time has long past. Perhaps I was lovingly naive when I was in my 20s, however everything about this city now speaks to SEPARATE, not EQUAL. The City is stoking the fires of hate and hurtfulness. Groups are being disenfranchised from their communities by folks needing a spot to study or chill for a bit. Homelessness is on the RISE and so are the RANKS of the 1%. Housing in this city is a joke. The air quality sucks. The City as I grew to know and Love it, has all but been bought up, torn down or phased-out. The caring is in passing. These folks are rushing to something...and they have no interested in over-crowding.

Conspiracy Theories aside, the state to HIV/AIDS in this city living on-line and On PreP...is supposed to be improving, but other STDs have been on the rise.

That said, Brothers...I AM HEAR to LET YOU KNOW...since no one else feels like we are worth it!!!



Wednesday, March 23, 2016