Thursday, July 28, 2016

Hmmm...Patience Pays

That  was the T today...

Patience Pays...

You are where you are supposed to be.

Stay open.

Guard your Light.

Be Present.



Follow your Heart


Do what you LOVE and you'll never work a day in your LIFE!!!

Just recalling some of the...


Merci Beaucoup.

Now, USE IT.
[I'm waiting!!!]



Wednesday, July 27, 2016


This morning...I was pulling on SpriGs...
...This evening...I have 3 different flavors to DIGEST.

Merci Pour La Sagess!!!

Chauncey capped off my day.

I started slow...taking forever to rise, as the dry heat and my new late night writing routine had me floored.  The air was thick and dry...HEAVY.  It foretold of HEAT to cum.  A funk...FUNK settled-in on me...that I could not shake.  I felt worthless from the first sight of the sky.  That Blue Blazed right to my my soul.  It spoke volumes just where my spirit lay...after the first breakfast.

It was there.  No vitamins.  No stretching.  No 350...nothing PHASED iT!  IT was just there.  I got no information from Roger regarding work and was waiting for the arrival of my new debit card, after my previous one was corrupted. 

I stewed with - HOW DID I GET HERE...AGAIN?  How could this happen to me??  This is a Conspiracy!!!  They are trying to KEEP ME POOR and HERE!!!  I can't Find a Job!  What are they taking...$10??  That is ALL I HAVE!   I am a Failure!  VACATION?!?!?  What is THAT?  THis is NOT A VACATION!!!! when you are free of THESE types of CARES...JUST RELAX RELATE RELEASE...;-)

Wisdom in the morning Then something happen.  My Malaise flipped me into focused SLOTH.  So, I begrudgingly cleaned the bathroom and kitchen.  I did my 350 with the HEAT came, so to did my muscles warm.  And just to get out...I decided to walk to Lincoln Center...eventually.  I just sat...layed-around...clean...checking e-mails and dick sights...flirting with no real intention...on both.  Nothing came through...a relief.  I updated the information for food stamps...need to complete that finally.

Then Roland was home.  He had my card in hand...I ripped it open...and just felt...MOVED.  I open the envelope...finished my work on-line; map-out my Route - Bank...start card; Bodega...$10; Juice Bar...redeem my card for a juice; water and Wheat Grass...walk.  That was my plan.  It flowed perfectly with perks.  When I went to the juice bar and JUST ordered a wheat grass and water and explained about my card, they GAVE me a LARGE GREEN JUICE.  Just pay later...go 'head, she said
THAT...IS COMMUNITY!!!  I love LOYALTY.  I will go back and cover that. 

I left there energized...proceeded down through So. and onto CPW. 

Walking like a Goofy Soldier, folks seemed to part more easily...the lower I got.  The stride steady and the breathing rhythm set...I WALKED down to about...65th...cut across...checked some e-mails...finished the water...MERCI...stopped on the corner to consider my options - to the Left Central Park and East SIde...people...noise...funk...Not what I desired.  To my Right...Riverside Park...BOOM.  I made my way up and over to Riverside Park...right off 72nd Street...and sat.

[I stopped earlier...very early in my trek to make note of these three older black gentlemen "admiring" a beautiful Brown Sista's NO UNCERTAIN WORDS!!!  Straight outta DO THE RIGHT THING, they were as greasy and funny as the fellas on the wall in the Spike Lee Classic.  I drew an abstract.  The next time I opened the journal, I was at the bench...thinking and recording the impressions of the setting sun.  A Dizzying Display of Orange and fitting, now that I think about it.  My 2 modes...Brilliantly on Splashed across the NYC Sky.  Sure...]

Get into itWalk it off.  So I did...right UP Riverside Park.  It was great...and a little ominous for a Beige Brother with my kinda' hair/beard/bushiness going on.  I walked long enough for twilight to rise up, then I crossed around 86th. 

It was completely different experience on the residential side  At one point SOOOOOOO quiet...With entrances facing the highway, I realize THESE people NEVER have to see the INNARDS of the city...should they choose not to.  Privilege...personified.  I believe only 3 Black people passed me...that I paid attention to. 

I was more intrigued by the path this sidewalk was taking me on...snaking up past these buildings to cover the walk of Riverside Drive.  BEAUTIFUL.  As I Ascended into the 100's, past the Columbia dorms...No, JUST BEFORE...I walked upon the most beautiful house on the Boulevard - 330 Riverside Drive.  Built to replicate Haussman's French facades,  it was stately and impressive in a way that made me recall my treks through the 18th

Just past this...was gated garden...and in this garden STOOD a statue of a BUDDAH...enroute...down his path.  I WAS TRANSFIXED.  I read the history of this Buddah and how the statue was saved from Hiroshima[?] and brought here.  As He stood there...TALL, STRONG RESPLENDENT...on HIS PATH...I took it ...AM READING it as a WELCOME sign.  I am curious about the statue and center it is in front of.  I will return.  Merci.

Up Riverside, past Columbia...Chauncey text me

Hey What's Up?  Been thinking about you a couple of times today and just getting an opportunity to reach out. 

Been better...but Walking it Off...LoL. 

Got any WISDOM?.

Ehhh...ahhhh not really.

Want to get some?


My Treat!!!

Ok!!!  Should I come to you?  I will hit up my folk, normally around 12 we connect. 

Is that Good For you?

Uhh...sure!  [text to check availability]

Ok, well how you want to do this?

I can walk to you?

Where are you?

By Columbia.

Ok, I am here.


I pressed on...up to the Church...and suddenly had to pee.  Found a spot, let loose...and set across Harlem...Down Broadway...Across 125th...and.Up Amsterdam...GREAT 145th.

You want me to come to you??, I am at 145th.  See you Soon.


Get there...enter Hug.

OK, This is FOR YOU..$100 in `10s and THIS is for the WISDOM $40.


FATIGUE and STIFFNESS, coupled with SWEAT wic'ing into my shirt had me sit. 

You want water?


3 FULL GLASSES LASTER...Do you eat Bananas? 

Yes.  MERCI for the Potassium.

His roommate came home...and we VIBED...engaging in a full on discussion of LIFE ART, RACE POLITICS FEAR MEDIA BLACK Portrayals in THEATER and FILM.  Love it.

WE took the train down to 125th and they met.  We got BLESSED...I HUGGED HIM, DOUBLY at the ATrain and hit up to the Bodega for Backwoods and Water...the final 2 things on my list for the day. 
Merci Mon Frere...LOVE CHAUNCEY.  Looks good with the GOATEE.  His NY him a different...appeal.  Hmmm...

I was MOVED to just give in...too spent to fight it...I LET IT LEAD MY DAYSlowly beginning to TRUST IT.

LOOK for LOVE and it will FIND the MOST UNEXPECTED ways.

Merci pour le COMMUNITY.

I must remark the BEAUTIFUL specimens on the streets of NYC.  BROTHERS and SiSTAHs too...but mainly all over your GLORIOUS BROWN BUFFeD BURNISHED BRILLIANT-NESS...KEEP ON!  Sights to BEHOLD...some even taking notice of me. 

Ok...gotta' rest.  and reflect.



Sunday, July 24, 2016


Good Morning...I am concerned.

What now?  That is the question that has plagued my last...6 yearsWhat now?  After witnessing the gradual demise of those tangible memories I'd curated and cultivated in NYC, I am left consider WHERE TO...with no FUNDS!? 

I want to leave...the country.

  I want that slower life.

    I want a consider all of this

However, I am afraid to fly.

I feel as though when I returned, whittled-down and sick from Paris, I was tagged and it would be difficult for me to fly. 

I think of how I am made to feel about the way I look and it gives me pause

The idea of travel is FREEDOM and EXPLORATION...SHARING. 

Still, I harbor these nascent fantasies about Living the Life of Gypsy. they knew

You can't NOT KNOW.

Now, I know they knew











Saturday, July 09, 2016


I sit before you...on the morning after.  Yet another petal has fallen.  Yet another life has moved on.  I have chosen to be still...and "get healthy."  All the while the world has kept on moving.  Progressing into turmoil.

I can't help but think of that painting.  That fateful painting  the doors of that bus opened-up to as James [Binion] and I stepped into our first full day of exploring Amsterdam.  I bought the painting on-sight, thinking that this somehow mystically was connected to the BLACK BIRD from Caen.  There IT sat, atop a brittle branches of a the last tree standing as the city was AFLAME in the background.  I was riveted...convinced that this somehow harkened to  me using this voice in the way that I should...coming back to this brittle branch and sing, just as the BLACK BIRD from CAEN had...for me.

As I sit...looking out onto the rooftops, jazz serenading this only it should, I am taken by the parallels the image before me would have to the painting...if taken in abstract with me sitting UPTOWN...atop a CITY...HOT...HEATED...SWELTERING in the confusion that is blanketing this world...or so it would seem.  Perhaps THE BUBBLE is truly rupturing.

Two very significant revelations came to me as I negotiated my time in Paris...alone and foreign - the first being that we are in trouble.  We are so disconnected and so cynical about overwhelming information and images we are being fed every second we exist.  This is especially true in Metropolises like NYC, San Fran, Atlanta and Paris...all of which I can speak to personally.  There is NO way to connect with one another, we are so personally distracted.  The delusion of convenience has brought a rupture in human interaction that we cannot soon escape from.  This LACK of CONNECT...of COMMUNITY has bread a MisUnderstanding of just how far we have come and a refusal to  accept the truth about the root of all of our issues.  We do not talk, we TYPE...and POST. 

Paris swirled about me, sour with disdain for compliments, as that would be pase' at this point.  Still she reveled in all that was showered upon her.  I didn't always see that City of LiGhT, but stayed just long enough to experience the Life of Les Miserables.  C'est n'pa CUTE!  The Disney Land...EuroDisney for Adults I was able to see...set my stomach churning.  In my gut I could feel this foretold what NY and certainly the US in "THEORY" was becoming - DISNEYLAND for RICH ADULTS.  We...Les Miserables were all too distracted to realize that.  So many isms on display amongst the storied streets of Paris and NYC.  So much...playing.  Everyone, playing...except those to weary with their reality to play.  Indigo and I used to sit and speak on just how lucky we were to know what a bit of freedom to THINK INDEPENDENTLY...was.  Most people cannot afford to, so DON'T think outside the box.  It takes too much to fight it, plus with all of the ASPIRATION being dangled before you....US, how can we resist?? 

The Second revelation I could see in that painting or because of it...and turning 40 and creating my own babies for the firs' time...Something Is about to HAPPEN.  I thought I would cause it...because  my song or voice or actions.  I happily sat by, afterawhile, as my health and Escape from NYC became of greater priority. 

I have felt in my gut...for the last six years...something coming.  I have watched as this country has become the laughing stock of the greater World Nations, for something so seemingly trivial as race.  That being said, I have always contended this is never just about race, but moreso about the HAVES and HAVE-NOTS.  As the Euro flipped and more Europeans flooded America, the shift has been gradual...not at all subtle and not at all unexpected.  Sad...scary...telling...INFURIATING...inescapable especially in places like NYC and Paris.  This are cities where the rich from the Floundering EuroNations have once again found refuge, exacting a Class shift masked in racism that has found folly in our age-old Achilles Heal.    We have watched our cities be repopulated causing a shift in every facet of the socio-economic make-up of this country.  The world has watched as the Real Estate trade has made once-livable areas out of reach for the layman, but prime pickings for the 1%.  I have watched my city, NYC, shed...literally turn about 10pages before me.  With every turn, she is becoming that much more intolerant of what used to make her a catch...her mix.  Her make-up has always been a Motley to say the least...but never soooooo  obviously conflicted.  The very things that brought all of the NEW FOLKS here have been replaced with their MassMarketMall Counterparts.  TheFiFthElementing-of-NYC happening right before out eyes. 

I find it equally interesting how STOPnFRISK was enacted...exacted on the Black n Brown communities, just has the Real Estate boom happened and The Gentrifiers were being lured here with SexintheCity, TheDevilWearsPrada, et al.  They "cleaned" the streets they could just long enough to make a point - we are THUGS -...allowing for folks to now re-populate once largely Brown and Black areas...Harlem n Brooklyn. 

It all seems so insidious.  These people have no idea what is about to happen and no where to go.  You see, I feel like we are trying to Reason with CRAZY...with SAVAGES.  These folks have gone so far as to re-write history, destroy Historical Monuments that challenge how they long to be perceived.  There is no rationale to be had.  They are NOT rational.  They flaunt their bigotry loosely, constantly mocking the very President Elect...with no seeming recourse.  How does one imagine they might be able to sit across from the table with said FOLKS and ...WORK THROUGH all of the MIRE they have created...without being shot in the process?!?

For the moment...I hold my breath, as I have been for 6 years and await the next STROKE proving the Firey, Rainbow background from my AMSTERDAM PAINTING is ...was speaking to was  have seen and what is to come. 

I can no longer HOLD MY BREATH. 
We have got to be smart.  If we are not able to see the full picture, find one whose sight you can trust and listen.  Pay attention.  Do NOT be RASH.  Be ACTIVE, Vigilant, but NOT CRAZY. 

Equal and Opposite.  What does that mean for US??

Too many petals dropping from Le Fleur. 

Too Many PLUMES from my wings

I am Loosing my Wings.


Interesting...What is there I can do?

Guide My Feet...while I run THIS race!!!


Tuesday, June 21, 2016


I know my truth...I have spoken it many a time...
When will action meet intention and free me from this

My soul TRAPPED by echoes of yesteryear...leaving my thoughts on tomorrow
and the next moment UNCLEAR.

I know it is understood formerly, is not my path.

Non-Traditional Education Modules...
Doing it out the Box.

I am not traditionally COMPETITIVE
often distracted by the MULTiTUDES
and their INSTENTIONS.

I just DO...when I DO

When I am DOING I am ignoring all the rest.  I am focused and fervent in making manifest MY INTENTION.

Somewhere, got lost along the way.  Now, StuCk in a SWIRL of Past-time Paradise and Folly of Fuck-Ups Foibles and FUNTIMES! 

What of the FUTURE?

How do I SEE MYSELF...going forward?  How do I long to be remembered?  What IS the TANGIBLE legacy I leave behind?

Before you fade away, give me the knowledge of the  a way that it sticks and sparks the FiRe Necessary to TAKE ME HIGHER!!!

Merci La Luna a Solicits.

What to make of the Frequent Flashbacks I specific streets...a la rues a Rive Gauche?  I am there...can feel the heat...hear the Banter a Francais...remember perspective and often times what I was thinking at the time.  Many of the long walks were the result  of low-funds and no MetroPass.  In much the same way as today...I remember spots I have had to strain to markers of my path and perseverance.  On the day I am seeing...I was headed to meet Martin et Julien and chill on the campus of INVALIDES. 
On this particular day, we would also take a tour of INVALIDES, complete with descriptions of where Napoleon was buried and history of the spot.  ALSO, later that evening 2 girls from the states would hit on US...invite us back to their flat and MAKE COMPLETE ASSHo*es if themselves over US/ME!!!

Crazy vivid.

Hmmm...Back to Life/