Saturday, September 13, 2014



The truest to the time for me.  This is when I was IN IT...or at least making my plan.  Sending out resumes to EVERYBODY.  I got 2 responses - 1. from Constance White, with a phone convo./interview with her THEN ASSISTANT Darlene Gillard; 2. Bethann Management, who I would later intern with...serving at the front desk as the Greeter.  It was GREAT...and served to sew the seeds for a 20+ year Life/ THE MOMENT IT was

Documentaries such as CATWALK were the predecessors to our current REALITY TV obsession.  It in is also interesting to note that the very styles Issac Mizrahi has trouble selling back then, are ALL the rage in EVERY permutation TODAY...2014.

Better recognize...Hmmm.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The seed that started it all Style • With Elsa Klensch • 1992


Ok...I found this comprehensive breakdown of STYLE/Fashion

92 on-line.  Funny, I had all of these on VHS my parent's  house and have missed them.  The exact same episodes served to sew the TRUE Seeds of FASHION for me.

I woke by 9AM with breakfast...without fail EVERY Saturday and absorbed EVERYTHING that fell from Elsa's pristine lips.  The show ran through the age of the SuperModel, but her CNN thought this fodder better suited for MtV and Etv, cancelling the show in the late 90s.

Thank you for all of your tireless work Elsa.  LOVE IT!!!

LOVE the Information and the STYLE.


Wednesday, September 03, 2014

KING Called Me!!!

A brother called from the road, stranded and stuck , as he and his partner were taking another step towards their future.  Weighted down by the life they packed into the back of the struck, they'd somehow gotten stranded out...on the road...on the way to their next step.  My brother called to let off a bit of steam...and giggle through this ordeal.

This brother called me as we have been doing for over 20+ years so that I could let me know to KEEP ON!!! And just as we have done for each other so many times before, we regailed each other with tales of just how dire life had become...but how we were somehow soldiering on despite.  We recounted all those that have done us wrong, why and what we've learned from it.  Greater still we spoke to what part we could have played in the situations we've been in and just how to grow from it.

Most profoundly, KING told me how his current employer refused to transfer him to a location where he is moving to.  He told me they refused based on his attendance...although he'd never been reprimanded for it.  After culling his ego, he realized...Why am I getting so worked up over a Job I don't want!?  God DOESN'T WANT me TO HAVE that job.  There has to be something greater for me.

My Brother called me on the road to his next step...walked me through my current life's conundrum, while I talked and giggled with him...until help came along.

My Brother called me from the road...we talked...we laughed...we compared notes on the tales of the day...we were each other's calm along the path to the Life's we've chosen.

My Brother called me and I was able to comfort him...and he me.

My Brother called me as he took his next steps to be free...and I was able to see him through to it....and he to me.

Celebrate the PROCESS!!!